Happy Spring!


One of our moorage customers took this aerial photo of our boatyard in March.  Thank you Darryl Swenson!

We are offering a couple of new products this year.  Smart Solution by Seahawk is a metal free bottom paint.  We have it in red, blue and black. 

Also new are Rossi boots!  These work boots are made in Austrailia and are known for their comfort and soles that don’t wear out.  They are non-skid so they make a great boat boot. 

At our Christmas Party in Decemeber we voted on our Customer of the Year for 2011.  We are pleased to announce it is Bill Niedringhaus.  He and his wife Nancy own a boat that has been moored with us for a few years now.  Although they are terrific people, it was really their dog Molly that sealed the deal.  She is the sweetest chocolate lab around!

Jensen Ahrenius came up this winter to help David Capron-Johnston reconstruct the overhang on the front of the store/office building.  The building was pressure washed at the end of last summer.  With any luck the weather will be consistant enough for us to paint the building in the next few months.

We hope you see many rainbows this boating season!

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