Good-bye and Hello


Duane Davis (1942-2016)duane davis

We are sad to report that our Travel Lift Operator, Duane, passed away this past Spring.  He was hired by Nourdine in 1980.  After 36 years of Duane’s influence, his absence has a big impact.


This past summer, Eric Sable joined us as Summer Staff.  His humor made work extra fun.  There was not a task he didn’t tackle; we wish him the best of pict0001luck in his senior year of high school.

On Eric’s last day, as promised he jumped off the high dock.  We hope this will become a new tradition to end the summer with.






As we welcome Fall, we have a new staff member among us.  Josh Compton joins us as a new resident to the island.  Check out his bio on our crew page!

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